What if you could see that piece of chocolate cake without needing to eat it?

Join Me In The Craving & Emotional Eating 2-Part Series

Welcome to the 2-part series that will help heal your dependence on food, ease cravings and break the cycle of emotional eating. I'm so glad you're here!

Let's imagine a day that is free from food obsession

Imagine a day where you wake up, have a wonderful breakfast and don't spend the morning feeling guilty for what you shouldn't have eaten. Imagine going out to lunch with friends and enjoying the great company instead of obsessing with how to deal with the temptation on the menu. Imagine not having to worry all day about a nighttime binge taking over your good intentions. Imagine not having to constantly diet because you keep ruining your hard work by being overcome by temptation. Imagine once and for all being FREE!

Welcome to your new life after this 2-part series!

By the end of the series you'll:

  • Understand the SECRET reasons your cravings are out of control so you'll no longer be held prisoner!
  • Have a system in place so you can hold yourself accountable to your intentions
  • Have a set of action steps you can take to retrain your brain not to crave so you don't feel deprived.
  • Have a system in place for indulging in cravings without going out of control. 

Here's what others say after going through programs with Coach Erica!

"Erica provided me with simple and achievable lifestyle recommendations that I use to this day. Her approach was refreshing to this lifetime dieter who now sees losing weight not only as possible but attainable"

Marisol R, Educator

"in the end, I learned how I could still be a foodie, but do it in a better way so I could be healthier."

Joe R, Manager

"I'll admit, I came very close to ordering Pizza Hut last night (pms), but I'm so glad I didn't. Thanks for introducing me to this!""

Taylor T, Sales

"I've always tried to be healthy, but I got to the point where I knew I needed to make a change. My body just didn't feel like it was working the way it should and I was tired most of the time. (Now) my skin has become so vibrant that my facialist thought I'd bought a bunch of the expensive beauty products she'd suggested. I don't feel tired all the time anymore and now I have a new relationship with food."

Lynn L, Department Manager

Join me for  the 2-part Craving & Emotional Eating Video Series Now

Once you enroll​, you'll get a password that will enable you to login and watch the videos. Or download them to your computer or phone to take with you. As a bonus when you enroll, you'll get an exploratory journal (PDF) to help you on your journey towards healing!


2-part craving & emotional eating video series 

2 Videos - (Time Frame - 30 minutes total) 

Action Exercises To Turn Lessons Into Progress & Move Past Cravings

BONUS! Free Exploratory Journal (PDF) To Help You Stay Accountable 


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you decide this video series isn't for you, no worries. Just contact Coach Erica at erica@ericamesirov.com within 7 days of purchase. Upon request, you'll get a full refund of all money paid. No questions asked! How easy is that? And what do you have to lose???