What if you could have a fat blasting 21 days?

Are you tired of feeling frustrated about your weight?

 Do you aspire to not only be healthy, but happy with yourself too? You are not alone. And you deserve a healthier and truly fulfilling life.

The good news is you don’t have to feel this way any longer! It’s time for you to start feeling amazing again. Not just any regular old amazing, but the type of amazing where you bounce out of bed, slip into your perfectly fitting “skinny jeans” and dance through your day feeling strong and healthy.

When you feel happy and healthy, many fantastic things happen. You feel great, look fabulous, sleep better, and have a better relationship with both food and your body.

This may sound like a tall order but trying to motivate yourself to eat healthy doesn’t have to be a challenge. It is possible to find a healthy balance that you will actually enjoy.

The Seeds of Transformation isn’t your next fad diet. Seeds of Transformation is a 21-day body, mind and soul metamorphosis. During this innovative JUMP START plan you will:


Finally get your body out of fat storing mode to not only lose weight, but keep it off!


Ease inflammation which will not just help with weight loss, but can just make you feel more vibrant and energetic.


Learn to eat for your individual body. Your needs are unique. Let's get to the bottom of what will help you get on track and stay on track..


Address the emotional blocks that have been keeping you from being able to lose weight for good!

Here's what you get with the Seeds of Transformation plan:

  • The fat-busting 21-day JUMP START PLAN - so you can stop your body from turning calories into fat in just 21 days!


The FLEXIBLE EATING FOR LIFE PLAN to keep you losing weight once you finish the Jump Start Plan. This allows you to go back to including the FOODS YOU LOVE while still undergoing an amazing transformation!


Tons of extras to make FOLLOWING THE PLAN EASY:

  • Seeds of Transformation cookbook so you can have lots of food to enjoy.

  • Ready made shopping lists so can just grab and go

  • “Eating in Restaurants” cheat sheet so you can still enjoy great meals out with friends and family. 

You’ll also get 3 amazing bonuses to help you through your 21-day metamorphosis!

  • Quick morning ritual for weight loss with extras not available anywhere else so you can become an all-day fat burning machine

  • The emotional eating series so you can say goodbye to binges and out of control cravings and finally feel a sense of peace with your body and your diet.

  • Unlimited email support during the 21-Day Jump Start!! You're never alone during the Seeds of Transformation Program. We'll get you through. Help is just an email away!!!

The entire plan is gluten and dairy free! Can be modified for vegetarians!

What Others Are Saying!

"It has been several months since I finished the plan and I feel like a whole new person. I've always tried to be healthy, but I got to the point where I knew I needed to make a change. My body just didn't feel like it was working the way it should and I was tired most of the time. My focus was really on getting healthier, but I lost 13 (needed) pounds just during the 3-week Jump Start plan and I've since added to this total. My skin has become so vibrant that my facialist thought I'd bought a bunch of the expensive beauty products she'd suggested. I don't feel tired all the time anymore and now I have a new relationship with food."

                                                                                      Lynn L., Department Manager​

"I'm a foodie. I come from a long line of foodies. I have to enjoy what I eat. The thing I liked about this program is that they truly restrictive part of the plan was only 3 weeks. 3 weeks went by quickly. I got to eat as much as I wanted so I wasn't hungry. And in the end, I learned how I could still be a foodie, but do it in a better way so I could be healthier. I really believe this was my last "diet". The best thing: I have to wear a belt with all my old clothes because otherwise they'll fall off!"

​                                                                                         Joe R., Management Analyst

"I weighed myself today after 2 weeks of doing your cleanse, and I have lost 8.8 pounds! That's more weight than I lost after 2 months of counting calories and exercising. I'll admit, I came very close to ordering Pizza Hut last night (pms), but I'm so glad I didn't. Thanks for introducing me to this!"

​                                                                                       Nancy T, Sales

Why Does This Program Work Where Others Fail?

  • Seeds of Transformation addresses the problem nobody is talking about. It isn't enough just to restrict your diet. You need to repair your metabolism. And when your metabolism is repaired, you'll lose weight easier and keep it off without a problem.  In 21-days, your metabolism can be working better than you've seen is work in years!
  • This program cuts through the bullshit. One week you're cutting out carbs. The next you're staying away from fat. The week after you're surviving on almost no calories. It's exhausting and demoralizing. This program gets to the bottom of what will really work to not just help you lose a few pounds, but maintain weight loss for life.
  • Seeds of Transformation helps hold you accountable. Most programs leave you alone once they take your money. And so there is no accountability for whether or not you follow-through with any of the goals you set for yourself. But this program is all about learning accountability. And you're provided with a multitude of tools to stay on track for the goal you set for yourself.
  • It helps you heal your emotional eating and cravings. It's all well and good to tell yourself that you're going to stay on track. It's another to follow through when cravings start to rear their ugly head. This program includes a bonus video series to help you get to the bottom of why you crave, and give you actionable steps to take before a craving turns into a binge. 

Imagine Your New Life!

Imagine Jumping off the scale in the morning, overjoyed at losing 4 more pounds. You're full of energy and the world seems limitless!

​​Imagine Spending the day at the beach with your family. You have so much fun and you're not even worrying about how you look!​

​Imagine catching up with old friends. And they beg you to tell them your secret ​for how you seem so radiant,

​​​Imagine snuggling up on the couch at night with your significant other. And as he wraps his arm around you, you feel nothing but good.

Imagine curling up in your comfy bed at night, falling asleep without feeling bloated, and blissfully dreaming of your new fabulous life.

So, are you ready to transform your life? If you’re ready to become a healthier and happier version of you, let’s get started and sign up today

I used to be just like you. Frustrated. Stuck. And getting nowhere.

Here I was, eating healthy one week and hiding candy wrappers in my purse the next. I thought I knew what it meant to eat healthy. But I'll be damned if I could get myself to follow through long enough to skip that pizza party. ​I thought that if I was so hungry I could faint, I was on the right track. And I figured if I didn't feel deprived, neither would my waistline. And I assumed that skinny people had this magical, non-transferable special power that kept them from having cravings. So I was probably doomed. I had to repair myself before I could help anyone else. 

I've been delivering results for clients struggling to improve their health and shrink their waistline since getting my Masters Degree in nutrition in 2014. I was named one of the top 30 experts for 2015 with CUREJOY. My blog was also named in the top 100 Health Coach Blogs for 2015 with the INSTITUTE FOR THE PSYCHOLOGY OF EATING. Additionally, I've contributed to the HUFFINGTON POST and  the women's health and wellness site, LOVESTYLE.

I wants nothing more than for YOU to be my next success story!

"Erica provided me with simple and achievable lifestyle recommendations that I use to this day. Her approach was refreshing to this lifetime dieter who now sees losing weight not only as possible but attainable"

Marisol R.

Get Ready For A Fat-Blasting 21 Days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase the plan now and start later?

​Yes! You will have access to the website will all the materials for the plan for the lifetime of the website. Additionally, you can download all the materials to keep them forever!

How is this plan different than what I've done before?

This program helps you mend your relationship with food. It tackles the emotional and physical aspects of weight loss. The most restrictive part of the plan is only 21 days. From there, you receive guidance on how to keep losing weight as well as how to keep it off. And you'll still be able to eat foods you enjoy. Also, this plan includes unlimited email assistance during the 21-Day Jump Start, so there is a support network built in!

What do I get with the program?

You get a complete diet guide (including the 21-day Jump Start Plan.) You get a cookbook with recipes that go along with the plan. You get bonus video tutorials to help you get through any obstacle in the way of your success. You get the bonus 20 Minute Morning Routine for weight loss (a method to mentally and physically get yourself ready for weight loss each morning.)  And unlimted support during the 21-Day Jump Start Plan for accountability and support.

How much weight can I expect to lose during the 21 days?

That depends on lots of factors like ​your current weight, how much weight you have to lose, how accurately you follow the plan, and how much muscle you have. The average person loses between 10 to 15 pounds, but results can vary.  

Does this plan involve measuring food or calorie counting?​

This plan does not involve calorie counting. You can eat unlimited amounts of plan approved food so you shouldn't feel hungry! For the most part, you won't need to measure your food. There are a few food items that are approved in moderation and only then might you need to measure what you are eating.  

​Will I get results even if I don't do the diet "perfectly"?

There is no such thing as perfection! The great thing about mistakes is that you only make them when you are outside of your comfort zone and GROWING! Do the best you can always. And yes, this can still be life changing even if everything isn't done to perfection!

Once I enroll, how do I get access to the plan?

Upon registration, you will create a username and password. Once you pay, you will be taken immediately back to the portal will all the materials which you'll be able to access it at any time with your username and password. ​Or you can just download everything to your computer or phone!

​Can I do this plan if I'm gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan?

The entire plan is gluten and dairy free. This ​plan can also be adapted to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. The accompanying cookbook also contains many vegetarian recipes.    

Is this a low-carbohydrate diet?​

Carbohydrates are divided into 2 categories: low-glycemic carbohydrates and high-glycemic. High-glycemic carbohydrates help put your body in fat storing mode and are eliminated from the plan. Low-glycemic carbohydrates support weight loss and are part of the plan. You'll receive a detailed food list so you'll know exactly which carbs you can and can't eat.

Can I eat in restaurants while on the plan?​

Yes! It is best if you can prepare some of your meals at home, but this plan can totally be done in restaurants. You receive an eating in restaurants cheat sheet where you will receive essential tips for order in restaurants while staying within the parameters of the diet plan.

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