Welcome to the 5-Day No-Sugar Challenge!!!!

Get control of your sugar cravings in just 5-days. Feel thinner, more energetic and younger. Your skin will glow. You'll start to crave less. And you'll just feel better.  

Erica Mesirov Food Coach                     

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5 days of menus, support and more! Plus I'll send you weekly motivation & support to keep you living your best life!

You'll Get 3 FABULOUS Goodies!

  • 5-day No-Sugar Meal Plans With Recipes!!!!  
    • Are you thinking, "I hear you tell me not to eat sugar, but what the heck DO I eat then?" Get 5 days of amazing recipes that don't contain any sugar. Build an arsenal of healthy recipes you love.
  • The Fabulous Sugar Cheat Sheet!!           
    • Do you know companies use sneaky terms to sneak sugar into healthy sounding foods? And this hidden sugar can make you crave even more sugar. Become empowered!
  • The Sugar Cravings Antidote!
    • Scared you'll feel miserable, shaky and depleted for 5 days without sugar? You'll get my favorite tips for getting past cravings, finding sweet substitutes that don't involve added sugar and keeping from crashing without your daily sugar boost.

What's The Catch??

There isn’t one. I want you to live an awesomely amazing life. This is my gift to help you take the first step to being in control with what you eat and therefore, how you live!

Who Isn't This Challenge Right For?

If you rarely eat sugar, this isn't for you. (Duh!) For the rest of us who actually LIKE sugar, this 5 day challenge can help us build a healthier relationship with sugar and lose weight!

Sign Up Now!!

How long have you TALKED ABOUT cutting back on sugar? Now's your chance! Tomorrow you could be feeling cleaner, lighter and freer. Or you could be feeling like a bloated marshmallow. (kidding) But seriously, the choice is up to you! Do something NOW to feel great TOMORROW!

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